Sage Online Tools

Sage Online Tools

Use Sage Online Tools to maximise exposure to your web and mobile sites, interact via online social networks and do mobile and email marketing.

Mobile marketing, with tracking and unique marketing features.

Our integrated mobile marketing feature enables you to send targeted marketing messages directly to the mobile phones of your customers or prospects.

The mobile marketing process is simple


    • Create your mobile newsletter


    • Upload your list of mobile phone numbers


    • Create the SMS message to send with link to full newsletter


  • Send the SMS to the list of numbers

Your customers then receive an SMS and can click directly into a full and detailed newsletter.

You then get detailed feedback about who has read what and can contact your prospects to clinch the sale.

Easy to use, simple drag and drop OR embed your html directly for unique finish.

Using simple text editing and a drag-and-drop interface you can easily create a professional site without any internet or HTML knowledge.

Alternatively you can call on our extensive network of designers and service providers to have your site created professionally.

Search Engine Optimised code generated for you in HTML5.

Using Sage Online Tools your site will be optimised for search engines by means of code generated for you in HTML5.
Page structure and names are automatically set for search engines to easily find you. In addition you can assign keywords to your pages.

    • The HTML code of your site is automatically optimised for search engines.


    • The names of all the pages you create are automatically named to enable search engines to derive meaning from them.


    • You are automatically listed on our Sage Online Tools directory.


    • You are set up for Google Analytics and can easily set up Google AdWord campaigns to boost your visibility.